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            How to Reduce the Processing Cost of Injection Mold

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            Reasonable and effective to reduce the processing cost of injection mold, can effectively improve the economic efficiency of production, can effectively reduce the production costs, is conducive to enterprises and products to enhance the competitiveness of the market.

            First, the rational use of injection mold

            Before the production, carefully selected the design of injection mold, is to reduce the cost of the most basic method. Different mold design structure of the material requirements of the product is different, naturally good and bad. Excellent die yield high, resulting in less waste, low natural production costs.

            Second, the use of reasonable processing technology

            The same product, using different production and processing technology, the required quality and quantity of raw materials are not the same. According to the characteristics of the product requirements, to meet the quality requirements under the premise of the use of improved processing technology can effectively reduce the cost of production.

            Then, the use of scientific and rational management

            In the production process, the use of scientific and rational management. Strengthen cost accounting, in the production, supply, sales and financial and other links to strengthen management. The production costs of raw materials, auxiliary materials, fuel, power, wages, manufacturing costs, administrative fees, etc., each cost is refined into the unit cost of products, reasonable management norms, waste is strictly prohibited.

            Enterprises to reduce the unnecessary waste of each link, so as to achieve a reasonable storage, use of materials, reduce costs and improve efficiency purposes. So that not only ensure the reasonable needs of production, but also to reduce the occupation of both the waste of funds.

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