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            The reason for the brittleness of the product as a whole when the injection mold is produced

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            The reason for the brittleness of the product as a whole when the injection mold is produced

            1. injection molding machine injection and holding pressure is insufficient; 2. Back pressure is too small, the raw material is not solid enough;

            3. Back pressure is too large, shear, friction heat increases; 4. The rate of fire is too slow, not fully crystallized;

            5. Mold temperature is too high, too raw materials, decomposition, deterioration; 6. Mold temperature is too low, not fully crystalline;

            7. Injection, holding pressure time is insufficient; 8. Injection molding machine downtime is too long and injection cycle is too long;

            9. Storage time is too long; 10. Secondary material in the new material to add the proportion of too much;

            11. Raw material strength, toughness is not enough, viscosity is not enough; 12. Additives unreasonable, or add too much;

            13. raw materials are not fully dried; 14. some of the internal structure of the product is too thick, some places are too thin, uneven, unreasonable to consider feeding places.

            15. mold feed is not uniform, cold material well enough; 16. product wall thickness is too thin

            17. injection molding machine when the temperature is high and low, unstable; 18. injection molding machine tube did not clean up;

            19. Ejection unreasonable, plastic stress increased, resulting in rupture;

            20. Plastic parts mold cooling circuit is not arranged.

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